Between Deploys


Engineering Blog


At Swipely, our mission is to help local merchants succeed. We provide a simple way for our merchants to accept payments, understand customers, and grow sales by creating innovative tools that we regularly deploy to the cloud.

As engineers, we recognize that the most important discussions and decisions happen between deploys, when we take action to incorporate new technology, evolve our infrastructure, sharpen our skills, and cultivate our culture. There is a sense of sheer magic when we add one plus one and get three, when we build a thing that impacts and inspires more than we can explain from the parts and raw materials that we mold and craft. Though the inner-workings of creativity may defy complete understanding, we can come to master the art and science of building something great by becoming more interested in what's happening between the building blocks than in the building blocks themselves.

This blog is our vehicle for opening some of our most important discussions to the public. Our proudest moments arise from the collaboration with like-minded engineers who share our values and love of learning, between deploys.


Anthony Accardi
Head of Engineering, Swipely