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Aviator v0.4.0 released

Published on 10 Jan 2014 by Simon Højberg

We have fixed a bunch of minor bugs since 0.3.0, but a few nice features also snuck in, including...

Aviator.navigate protects against possible races

If an action in the action chain ever calls Aviator.navigate all subsequent action invocations for the current url will be cancelled, eliminating race conditions.

Simple, code-free route redirect

Use Aviator.rewriteRouteTo to redirect directly from your route definitions:

  '/foo': Aviator.rewriteRouteTo('/baz/:bar/foo'),
  '/baz': {
    '/:bar': {
      target: fooBarTarget,

Multiple slashes per route level

It’s now possible to add route levels with multiple slashes, including namedParams:

  '/admin/users/:id': {
    target: usersTarget,
    '/': 'show',

Better defaults to DRY up Aviator.setRoutes

It’s now possible to add a route level without a target, and the nearest ancestral target will be used:

  '/users': {
    target: usersTarget,
    '/': 'index',
    '/:id': {
      '/': 'show',
      '/edit': 'edit'

In the above example usersTarget#show will be called on urls: '/users/12' and usersTarget#edit on '/users/12/edit'


  • Fix “back to initial page” bug
  • Fix encode/decode of URI parts
  • Halt action invocation on navigate calls
  • Add support for 'exits'
  • Add rewriteRouteTo
  • Add support for multiple slashes per route level
  • Add support of ancestor route targets

Download Aviator from GitHub