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Cloud Log Management For Control Freaks
06 Oct 2014

Last week Sumo Logic was kind enough to let us share Swipely's approach to logging, with a guest post on their blog.

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Aviator v0.4.0 released
10 Jan 2014

We have fixed a bunch of minor bugs since 0.3.0, but a few nice features also snuck in, including...

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Functional Operations
05 Dec 2013

I knew I needed to quit my job when I first saw the EC2 API. Seeing a few lines of code provision a massive network compelled me to drop what I had been doing and get involved. In the years since that moment, functional approaches have simplified application development. Meanwhile, our approach to deployment is still weighed down with complex state management. Where are our immutable networks? Our lambda cloud calculus? Our functional operations?

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Orchestrate your Big Data workflows with AWS Data Pipeline
26 Nov 2013

We had a blast at AWS re:Invent this month. Watch our presentation on AWS Data Pipeline, or flip through our slides. We describe how to coordinate your Big Data workflows to launch novel product features with less development time and less operational complexity.

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Dockly: Building Ready-to-Launch Docker Images
11 Nov 2013

We needed a way to take a git repo and make it ready to launch. We wanted to take the repo, add it to a Docker image, build assets, generate startup scripts, and package it in a Debian package for easy deployment - all in under 20 lines of code.

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Aviator: Centralized Client-Side Routing
04 Nov 2013

URLs are core to how the web works. They should be first class citizens in your web applications.

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Build OS Images with Ruby
03 Sep 2013

Packaging an application is a difficult process, often approached by piling hundreds of lines of spaghetti code on top of unsustainable assumptions. Seldom do engineers wind up with a solid, scalable system that allows others to add and replace servers with low overhead.

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